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Welding Consumables

Wear Resistance Plates

Repair and Maintenance Services


  • The Best Team Wins

    1. Building the right team – having the right people to do the job; 2. Creating the right environment – making sure that leaders create an environment where all associates can contribute, and 3. Getting the win – when you have the right people and right environment – it makes getting the win a lot easier!

  • Our Way Of Life

    Set breakthrough objectives, experiment and learn every day, eliminate waste in our business processes, and benchmark the best, then better them. Living this value is done through understating that Change is a Must, and the use of Tools for Improvement. To live this value each RANUSH associate fosters an environment of continuous learning employing the Colfax Business System Tools which is the basis of our culture.

  • Our Future

    Individual and organizational creativity will drive breakthrough ideas for technology, products, solutions, and processes. We live this value by providing differentiated customer solutions, creating products and services that improve quality of life and environmental stewardship through Creative Thinking, and by understanding What Innovation Brings.

Our About Us

We RANUSH ENGINEERING COMPANY are leading suppliers of maintenance related products and services to all process industries like Steel, Cement, Sugar, Power, Paper and etc. We with a clear vision of serving the customers with right product at right time with technical support which reduces down time of the equipment which in turn helps all our esteemed customers in bringing down their maintenance costs, inventories and brings in huge savings.

Our Services

  • Welding Consumables

    All types of high quality general purpose welding electrodes like AWS E6013, E7018 etc. These electrodes are used for all types

  • Reclamation Consumables

    Low Heat input special welding electrodes used for various repair and maintenance applications. All these products are time

  • Wear Resistance Plates

    This range of our products includes hard faced wear plates (Esab Chrome C, Micro C, Therm C etc), Through Hard Plates

  • Repair and Maintenance Services

    We undertake all types of weld repair jobs. We have the infrastructure and expertise for taking up any type of critical job work either

  • Arc Equipments & Personal Protective Equipment

    All types of welding machines used for Manual Metal Arc Welding, Co2 Welding (MIG), Argon Welding (TIG), Submerged Arc

  • Industrial Gas Equipments

    This range of our products includes the most famous and widely used items like Gas Cutting Torches (Cutogen 5, NM 250 etc), Gas

Our Portfolio