Ranush Engineering Company offers complete solution in welding and cutting machines through a wide range of rectifier, inverter and plasma cutting equipment. The Ranush Welding Systems range of equipment is well established in the current market and is being manufactured with the most popular an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology. It is compact and has very good power saving features. With excellent service life and user friendly features Ranush Welding Systems remains the most desired range of equipments.

Key Features:

  • Ranush Welding Systems has high working efficiency, light weight and easy to carry.

  • Ranush Welding Systems has super strength in network compensated capacity, Anti voltage wave with stable welding current and reliable features.

  • Ranush Welding Systems has adopted with proportion pulling control, with single button control for easy operation.

  • Ranush Welding Systems carry the load consumption is less so able to save energy up to 50%

  • Ranush Welding Systems has good frequency level is reached with high speed response for easy striking, stable electric arc, anti interfere.

  • Ranush Welding Systems provides low noise, small splash, deep pool, high strength and good quality with good pulling adjustment.

  • Ranush Welding Systems has excellent viscidity, being suitable for various acid welding sticks, suitable for low carbon steel, middle carbon steel and alloy steel in welding.

Major Applications Area:

  • Light & Heavy Fabrication

  • Construction Jobs

  • Repair & Maintenance

  • Mining Industries

  • Reclamation Process

  • Pipe Line Works

  • Shop Floor Works

  • Process Industries

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