RANUSH MSGP Electrodes

RANUSH E 6013:

RANUSH E6013 is a Rutile coated all position all purpose electrode. It operates on AC/DC welding current. E6013 is an excellent choice where there is poor fit-up in the joint. It deposits easily and smoothly producing medium to shallow penetration. Small size electrodes are well adapted to provide low heat on thin metals. Medium to heavy slag is easily removed and excellent weld cleaning action is provided during the welding process. Ranush E6013 is the right choice for all types of Mild Steel fabrications or repairs where ease of operation and good bead appearance are required.

Classifiacation: AWS A5.1 : E 6013


  • Suitable for Butt and Fillet Welding
  • Good Bead Appearance
  • Self Removal Slag
  • Smooth Arc and Low Fume
  • All Position Operating
  • Operates Well Both AC & DC (+/-)



RANUSH E7018 is a heavy coated iron powder type electrodes for all the SMAW / MMAW. The hydrogen content in the weld metal is very low so the the weld metal deposition efficiency is good. Its operates on AC/DC welding current. Its specially designed to operates in all position welding. It gives tough and crack resistant weld on mild steel and low alloy steels. For welding of heavy restrained joints subject to dynamic loading . Ranush E7018 deposits good radiographic quality welds and ideal for welding restraint structures where stress can not be avoided.

Classifiacation: AWS A5.1 : E 7018


  • Basic type iron powder electrode
  • Easy Removal of Slag
  • Heavy Restrained weld Joints
  • All Position Operating



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